There are a lot of Subarus on the roads of Alpharetta today. Whether you drive a Forester or an Outback, you'll want to make sure your Subaru is ready to go with you on all your summer adventures this year. Our team at Troncalli Subaru in Cumming, GA, knows you want to take the best care of your vehicles. Our team is here to help you keep your Subaru in top shape throughout the summer months with regular maintenance services.

Routine Services to Perform for Summer

Air conditioning

Have your air conditioning system evaluated before summer even begins allows you to enjoy every trip that you take to and around Dahlonega. Our team of qualified technicians will evaluate the cabin air filter and test the system to make sure it's working as it should. With any issues addressed, no matter how hot it gets outside, it will stay nice and cool in the cabin of your Subaru this summer.


The worst time to find out you have to replace a weak or dying battery is on a random day when you need to be somewhere around Gainesville. Instead, why not let our team professionally evaluate your battery to see if it's still viable or it's time for a new one? They can clear all its surfaces of corrosion and make sure all the connections are secure.


Your Subaru's brakes keep you safe, so it's important to make sure they are in top working condition at all times. If you've noticed any grabbing, grinding sounds, or strange vibrations, our team can diagnose the issue for you. It's a good time to replace brakes, brake pads, or rotors if needed. Having your brakes serviced will keep you safe on the road and enable you to stop when you need to.

Cooling system

Don't get stopped when your Subaru overheats this summer. Our team can evaluate your cooling system to make sure it's working properly before you get on the road to Dawsonville. This should be done every two years. Our team can flush and refill the system. They make sure the coolant is the right concentration, in good condition, and that you have the right level to get you through the summer months.


Take care of your Subaru's engine this summer with a professional evaluation. Our team can flush the engine to remove any accumulated dirt, grime, and other deposits that can degrade your engine's performance. They can also replace any filters and take a look at any engine issues you might be experiencing before they become major problems.

They can change the oil too, so all your engine's parts will be well lubricated and ready for anything you throw at them during the summer months.


Your Subaru's lights are an important safety feature and you want them working well. It's the perfect time to resolve issues with elements, wiring, or burned out bulbs. Maintaining your lights will not only help you see in all conditions and communicate well with other drivers, but it can also prevent you from getting a ticket this summer when they aren't working well.


Having your tires inspected for the summer is important, particularly if you're planning any lengthy adventures. Our team can evaluate your tires to make sure they have proper air pressure and that their alignment is right. They'll be looked over for signs of cupping, low tread life, and uneven wear. If you need to replace any of your tires, we can do that too.

It's also the right time to get a spare tire and inflation kit if you don't already have them.

Windshield wipers

A windshield that's clean and free of scratches or cracks improves your visibility on the roads of Dawsonville and reduces eye strain. If your windshield wipers are damaged or worn, the time to replace them is now. Our team can check and make sure you have an adequate amount of cleaning solution to get you through the summer too.

Schedule Your Rountine Maintanience Today

Want to get your Subaru checked out by professionals? Call us at Troncalli Subaru today in the Cumming, GA area and schedule an appointment with our service team. They will address any problems so you can enjoy the summer on the road in your Subaru.

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