Cynthia,  to answer your question, I can let you know how it came about.  We had purchased our van from Troncolli a few years ago.   We had such a great experience with Bruce that when we came into the market for second car, we came to your dealership first.  Didn't see anything we liked or in our price range so looked elsewhere.   Had talks with a few other dealerships, but never felt comfortable with them.  We just decided to wait and check used cars at your lot until something came around.  Checked your lot and eventually saw something we liked.  Had another great experience with Lee and made the purchase.  In brief we came to your dealership to make our purchase instead of buying somewhere else.  We picked the dealer first, not the car.  We will always come to Troncolli to make any future deals.  So the answer is a big fat 10!  
Regards,  John and Jill Redmond.

Joe helped me when I was in.   As usual, he was friendly and efficient.   I trust him with anything having to do with my Chrysler.   He is the best you have and is the reason I came back to Troncalli after going to a different dealer for the 2008 that I had before purchasing my 2010 Chrysler 300.  I can't say enough about how good he is at his job! 

Donna Patterson

I would definitely recommend your dealership to a friend and will buy my next car from your company. Specifically, the salesman who sold me my car, Peter Kromer, did a fantastic job and I want you to know that. I went into the dealership planning on buying a car, he was patient with me, listened to what I wanted, and gave me the price that I was looking for. Overall, the experience was definitely a "10." You have a very satisfied customer! 

Michelle Harvey

Every one at the dealership was great. Big thanks to Daniel  Gonzalez for listening to what I wanted in a vehicle and showing me that style with different options. It made me more comfortable on a purchasing decission without thinking of what I may be missing. Thank You. 
Kosmas Kaltsas

I came into the Cumming location for free oil change and was pleasantly surprised that the suggested tire rotation would only be $20 and no additional wait!

Troncalli ROCKS!!! 

Nancy E. Klein

Calls were returned quickly, salesmen Kevin and Tyler were courteous and knowledgeable.

The finance guy was so fast I can't remember his name. Fast, not rushed, how he pulled that off i'm still not sure. I needed to purchase extra keys for the vehicle and the parts guy couldn't have been nicer.

I have never had a better experience purchasing a car.

Troncalli will be my first choice next time i make a car purchase

William Jennings


Thank you for your email. My experience over the weekend with the subaru service dept was typical of all of my experiences with Troncalli Subaru- STELLAR!  It is so refreshing to drop off my Outback and know it is in good hands and that I will not be taken advantage of. The staff is always friendly and willing to go above and beyond. You all certainly have me as a lifetime customer.

 Thank you again.

Patty Bell

best part of your purchase experience - very friendly atmosphere, seemed like a big family, staff made the "dreaded" car buying experience very pleasant

Carolyn Hammond

I would have to say that I am very pleased with doing business with Troncalli.  Tyler Grant is one of the best sales associates I have ever worked with.  We talked for over 3 months trying to put together the right deal.  Your business manager was also a great asset to our overall sales experience.

Yes? I would recommend the dealership, the Ram trucks and everything else?.  ALL 10's on the scale of doing business. 

When it comes time to trade in my wife's PT Cruiser? we will be contacting Troncalli and Tyler Grant for the best deal around.


Tom Stafford


What a great experience at the dealership. Every one we met and helped us was verry friendly.

thank you,

Mike Crabtree


All 10s.  Lee Call was an awesome salesman.  We would definitely recommend your dealership and Lee to our friends and family.

Wendy Webber


We had a great experience with Troncalli.  On the scale of 0 - 10 we would pick 10.  Danny Magee was extremely helpful with our purchase and we would highly recommend him and the dealership.

Thank you,

Tamy Davis

I had pretty much a "10" experience and appreciated Tyler Grant's honesty and professionalism.   Marilyn Cook

I would give all your questions a 10. Bruce, Gelson, Clifford and James were all extremely kind, patient and helpful. I would refer your dealership to anyone.  


Stephanie Mayfield


The best part of the buying experience was not being pressured. We would highly recommend your dealership to others.

James Martin


Yes, I would certainly suggest Troncalli Motors to others.  I was treated with courtesy throughout the purchase process, even after it was determined that as a student, I would be a difficult customer.  It certainly contributed to my choice to purchase from Troncalli.  I would give it a 10.

I think the best part was that Chris discussed, just after the final paperwork, all of the benefits that came with the certified pre-owned purchase.  I learned some new items about Subaru customer support that I had not known, even though our family has owned numerous Subaru's.
Jason Kraft

Thank you for your "follow-Up" of the sale, you add another special touch to the way business is handled at Troncalli.
I am 78 years old, Retired Banker and have been part of, and around automobile dealerships most of my life
and naturally have purchased a few automobiles.
My research of Subaru on the internet led me to "Subaru Bob" as he refers to himself, and I do not believe a better salesperson exists, especially for Subaru.
When I first met Bob personally I informed him that I was just in the process of researching subaru as I have been a Toyota person for a number of years but wanted to learn about Subaru because of it's all wheel drive system and, If I purchased I would not be ready for at least a couple of months.
Bob exibited great patience and understanding, explaning everything about Subaru, Taking me for test drives in different vehicles and after a couple of weeks doing the same for my wife and me all over again, knowing fully that I was still weeks away from actually sitting down to a final decision.
Bob also knew that I was questioning other sales people at other dealerships in my quest to get as much knowledge about Subaru as possible.
When we finally did sit down to finalize, Bob admitted that he thought that he had "lost" me because of the time that had passed with no word from me.....I reminded Bob that I had "committed" to purchase from him at the very beginning as I wanted "HIM" to be "Our" personal representative and "Go To Person" for Subaru. 
Subaru Bob,  Tom ,his manager, and everyone encountered at Troncalli Subaru have made our transition from Toyota to Subaru a memorable occasion and One that we will broadcast to anyone who will take the time to listen.
A special "Thank You" to Mr. Troncalli and the team of people he employ's.
Norman E Phelps

The best experience in my 30 years of car buying. Got the price I wanted, no pressure to buy anything else, nice people, great value. It was the first time any sales person ever went through the vehicle manuel with me. Bobbi was great. I purchase a new Toyota last year. Love the vehicle, hated the dealership. it just goes to show you that even if you like the product, the people selling it can make you not buy.

Mike Weaver

Looking online and finding the vehical of choice brought me to Troncalli however, it was working with Mr Gelson, Mr Lee and others that were involved with the transaction that provided an atmosphere that was very comfortable for me to make the purchase. When I walked into the dealership, I knew I was going to be happy doing business at Troncalli as I interacted with the team. I am very appreciative of the attention Mr Gelson provided and for him understanding my objectives for trading in an almost identical car to get the features and functions I wanted in order to be happy with my purchase. 

My sincere thanks to Mr Gelson and the team engage with the transaction for making this a wonderful experience!

Dexter Winns

My name is Kimberly See and my husband (Glenn) and I recently purchased a new Jeep Grand Cherokee Overland Summit from Troncalli. We picked our vehicle up last Friday, 12/9, and can't say enough good things about the car. 

I'm writing to you with the express purpose of letting you know how great our experience was in purchasing our new vehicle from Troncalli, with the help of Tyler Grant. Tyler was great. He helped to find *exactly* what we wanted, arranged for it to be delivered, worked out our financial concerns, etc. and more importantly, he made us feel like we lived right around the corner. In fact, we live over 130 miles away (3.5 hours) in Greenback, Tennessee.  You can imagine some of the apprehension associated with a large purchase, but it all went fine "Thanks!" to Tyler. We arrived and there were no surprises, no crazy gimmicks, no stress!  

We can't thank you and Tyler enough for the positive experience.  

Kind Regards,

Kim & Glenn See

I would rate my experience a 10. Y'all are very willing to work with the customer. Everyone was very friendly and helpful. Kevin was a great salesman. You also have a very approachable and personable Sales Manager. Overall, a great experience and I have already recommended you all. I love my new ride!
Sincerely,Tyler Hughes

Kevin,  Thank you for your help getting our car deal worked out and the delivery completed.  Janice and I are very happy with the car. 

Tom Romans

Cynthia, I would rate all categories a 10.0. The car is excellent and so was the service at your dealership. Very professional, friendly and service oriented. 

Thank you, 

A.J. DiGeronimo  (Tony, Sr.)

10, no doubt. Bruce is a great salesman and the finance guy is great too. I`ve bought many new cars from places like the old Jerry Brown Chevrolet in Buford, Bill Heard and Rick Hendrick in Gwinnett. Most of those times when the deal was said and done, I always felt I didn`t get enough on the trade in and was herded in and herded out. Not so with the two cars I`ve traded for at Troncolli since March 2009. Both times I got a fair shake for my trade in and a good price on the new purchase. We love the Jeep Liberty. My wife is driving it to work and she passed her old Trailblazer down to our 17 year old. It`s a great mid size SUV and a good fit for our family. I tend to trade every 2 to 3 years and your team at Troncolli has earned my return business for future trades.
Duane Trent

Cumming, GA

First of all I love the Chrysler 300.  It was hard for me to get of my 2006 but the new style was also great looking and something told me I wanted one and had to have one.  I've always said I would never buy a new car again . I would rate it a 10.  I was at three other dealerships before I went to Troncolli.  I went to Car Max and they didn't have a 2011 like I wanted and I wasn't comfortable there.  Next was Buford Chrysler where I bought my 2006 300 and they also didn't have exactly what I wanted but close.  They only wanted to give me $10,000 on my trade in which was crazy.  Then I went to Hayes and they were nuts. They didn't want to give me my keys back until I started to get loud.  They were all pressure salesmen.  When I showed up at Troncolli it was a totally different atmosphere. It started off with Merlene as my sales person.  What a nice gal. Cool, calm and collective. No pressure at all, and she showed me all the White 300's I was interested in.  She knew everything about the car that I asked. She did a heck of a job selling me that car. Sure we went back and forth on the price of the car for a while but I wasn't pressured to buy it.  What also made it nice was Glenn in financing.  He was as calm as Merlene and that's what people want and like. He also did a great job.  I feel like I drove off your lot with a 2011 300 and got a real good deal with no regrets. Oh don't for get about Ty, he hung in there also.  Thanks to the three of you ,especially Merlene. I would highly recommend Troncolli to everyone and would also buy another car if I'm ever shopping for one again.  I'll give you another 10.


William Noennich

My husband and I purchased a Chrysler 200 convertible yesterday evening, and I just wanted to say what a GREAT experience it was. My husband had researched prices and cars for weeks, and we decided that we were seriously interested in the vehicle at Troncalli. We drove over 2 hours to get there, and the salesman (Kevin Slatten), had the car sitting out waiting on us when we got there. The entire experience, from the test drive to the actual purchase, was GREAT. We weren't pressured at any point, and Kevin is EXTREMELY knowledgeable about all aspects of the car and the buying experience as a whole. He left no stone unturned and no question unanswered (and also provided some comic relief). We will definitely recommend Troncalli to our friends and family. THANK YOU for a great experience!!

Best, Lisa Earby Cleveland, TN


I had a wonderful experience when I brought my truck in for an oil change last Friday.  You will have a customer for life if I get that kind of service in the future.  I also liked the cubicles with wl fi.  I am offcially moving my Dodge Ram maintenance requirements to your shop.  Thanks for the good job. 

John Trussell


Corey and I are extremely happy with our new Jeep Compass, on all scales you and the Troncalli team receive a "10"  from the beginning to the end when we drove our new car home.  Thank you and everyone at Troncalli for a SUPER job.  We will definitely recommend you to all our friends that are looking for a new vehicle 

Corey and Linda Collins


10, 10, and 10. I love it, I am completely satisfy and I will recommend Troncalli to all my friends! Thank you!
Aneta M. Szlek

We are very pleased with our purchase.  I would happily  give Troncalli  a 10 "Extremely likely" not only for recommendations, but also for repeat business.  As to our favorite part of the experience, it's difficult to say.  Used car salesmen often get as bad a rap as ambulance chasing lawyers.  Kevin and Lee exist far outside this tired, old cliche.  The were absolutely professional, courteous, and down to earth.  We very much enjoyed our interactions with them.   

Thanks for the follow up and the information on scheduling service.
Russell Rogers

I had a very easy experience with Troncalli.  Bill was an excellent salesman and the transaction went very easy.  The finance guys were great too.  My daughter really loves the car.  I have already told several people in Cumming how easy and workable my experience was.  I would rate it a 10. 

I was so excited because I actually got to pet PT-2 the cat.  That made my day... 

Making appointments for service would be quite difficult because I drove all the way from Kennesaw to buy the car.  I spoke to a lot of other dealerships and I am a very difficult person to please so Bill got my business and if you ask any of my friends that is saying something. 

Thank you,

Lori Young

Thanks again, 

The buying experience was a 10 across the board. I must commend Troncalli for retaining such an amazing salesman, Tyler was professional in every sense of the word. I had correspondence with several sales representitives at competing dealerships but they were not as knowledgable as Tyler. I was impressed with the facilty and the friendliness of all of the staff I met on the day of my purchase.
Thanks, Joe Amitrano 

As you may remember, I am in Atlanta yet come to Troncalli for even routine service that I can get within a mile or so of my residence.  I am on my sixth Troncalli vehicle I think and would not shop or patronize any other dealer.  Chris and Bruce and PT are worth the visit alone.  I have seldom had such professional yet personable service, greater confidence in a business, nor more comfortable and convenient service than I get at Troncalli.  If Chrysler can give you another or several stars for your corporate crown, then they should. 


James C. Thomason III

Troncalli has the most professional staff I have ever seen, from the top officials to the service staff. I would buy a car from Troncalli based on the service department alone and you can publish this email in your comments section for other customers to see. 

Debbie Evans

Thank you Jennifer....You did a great job. The rear window on the passenger side of my Mercedes fell off the track and I needed to drive downtown Tuesday night for a Braves game. Paul Woosley ordered the part Monday afternoon and I dropped it off Tuesday morning. A couple hrs. later I got the call to come pick it up. Service doesn't get any better than that.

            -  Jerry Noda


 Always a great visit, you guys take great care of me and the car.
            -   Mike Voiles


Everything went fine including the truck wash after the oil change.

            -  Doug McDougal

thought the service was excellent.  I am excited about using you for any and all issues moving forward.

            -  John Kennedy

Sorry this reply took so long. I would like to let you know that our  experience at Troncalli was great! Your Service Advisor , Ryan took care of our problems and even John Richards your Service Manger was a big help.  Will be seeing you in the future.
            -   Laura Thomasson
I just wanted to follow up - it was good doing business with you guys, maybe in a few years we can do it again. My father being a retired Ford employee will not think much of it, but he'll understand. :)
            -  Jeff Puckett

Hi Kevin and Tyler,

We just want to thank you again for making that day so special not only for Morgan but for our family.  You went out of your
way above and beyond anyone else and we are truley greatful! 
Morgan will remember that day for the rest of her
You and your dealership will be recommended to our friends and family!

Thanks again and have a great day!

Amy Balsam

Kevin, Thank you for the great buying are a great sales person...hope your dealership knows how valuable you are. Thanks again for a great buying experience!  Al Crump

I have always felt comfortable with the Troncalli dealership, especially Lee Call.   I always make it a point to work with Lee....he is a first class salesman that puts the customer first.   I have recommended the dealership and Lee specifically to a number of individuals.  He is tremendous to work with!
Tim Gibson 

I was just contacting you in regards to Tyler Grant. I have been talking back and forth with Tyler for a while about purchasing a new Jeep Patriot. He has been extremely helpful and gone above and beyond all my expectations, having dealt with other (much less helpful) car salesmen. In the end, I had to go with a cheaper, used car but I wanted to write to tell you just how helpful Tyler was. He was a great guy to work with and by far the best salesman I've dealt with over the past few months. I will definitely remember you guys when I buy my next car and spread the word about your great staff. Thanks,

Jonathan Dockery

How often can you say you have accomplished an impossible feat? That's what you did when you acquired and made ready for purchase the black 2001 Oldsmobile Alero.
My 4 cylinder, automatic transmission, 2003 silver Alero coupe was totaled in an accident on Memorial Day weekend. The insurance company paid a fair price for the loss, NADA retail value for an Alero in excellent condition with an odometer reading of 78,063. I loved that car - the body style, the safety and reliability, the gas mileage. I planned on driving it three to five more years without a car payment. What I wanted as a replacement was a car equal to what I lost and at a price no higher than the insurance reimbursement. I was told that was impossible for many reasons: The Alero was last produced in 2004 so not many remain under 100,000 miles; few other brand low mileage used cars available; higher prices for all used cars; two-door cars unpopular and not many available.
You provided the impossible -- a 4 cylinder, automatic transmission, Alero coupe with bonuses:
1) An odometer reading 2,000 less than my car;
2) A selling price less than the insurance company paid for my car;
3) Leather interior (mine was cloth);
4) A sun roof (mine didn't have one);
5) Gold lettering (says \"high class\").
The car is beautiful and drives very well. Seating is much more comfortable than the new rental car I was driving. The fact that the car passed your dealership's safety inspection provides confidence it's a safe, reliable vehicle. Please let your service center know what a wonderful job they did in cleaning up the car. There's more shine than car visible in that photo.
Already the car is receiving compliments. My friend, Joe, who drove the car home and at whose home it was parked until I returned the rental car, was reluctant for it to leave his driveway. He thought it was an attractive addition to his property. Last night at the gas station, the man at the adjacent pump admired the car. Today the Safelite Auto Glass technician expressed admiration for the car. He particularly liked the tires. Huh??? Surely he meant to say \"the wheels\". Tires are all pretty much round and black.
You were a delight to work with, Tyler. Kevin was great also. You and everyone else at the dealership was professional yet friendly. The dealership itself, the exterior and interior, were spotless.
I am just so please with this car. Thank you for all your efforts.
Yvonne Crowe

I love the team at Troncalli, sales to service. I have one suggestion after my last oil change. The problem is partly my fault. I should have warned my service advisor. I have a special window film applied to my windscreen. You cannot tell easily by looking. When the technician took the service reminder sticker off of the upper left corner of my windscreen, he badly scratched the film. Then it was covered up by the replacement sticker. I doubt he even realized it. I don't care at this time, as I plan to replace it anyway, but some folks may not be so understanding. This application costs around $150.00. It again is not a complaint, I just thought it would be important to point out.  

Thank you for your wonderful service,

            - Cindy Rotton

            Very happy JEEP owner

As usual, the Subaru team was excellent. 

Douglas Kreitz

Hi, this is the second vehicle I have purchased from Troncalli, and I would not hesitate to make a future purchase from Troncalli, or recommend the dealership to a friend or colleague (10).  The best part of our purchase experience was the overall atmosphere; we were not pressured, the sales person we dealt with (Bill Winslow) was at all times courteous and professional, and demonstrated excellent product knowledge).  I was also pleased with our interactions with Mr. Ayers, who took the time to guide us through the purchasing process.  
Jon Crosby

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