Subaru wagons and SUVs have become some of the most popular models in their segments over the years. With flexible cargo space, high ground clearance, and Subaru reliability, these models have carved out a distinct space in the market for themselves. There's another feature that helps them stand out from the crowd as well.

While most of the industry's wagon and SUV models start out with standard front-wheel drive, new Subaru wagons and SUVs come with standard symmetrical all-wheel drive. This demonstrates Subaru's enduring commitment to building capable, practical vehicles. You won't have to pay more or move up in trim level to get the performance you're looking for -- you'll get it right from the start.

Subaru's symmetrical all-wheel drive system is different most available all-wheel drive systems as well. For many makes and models, all-wheel drive means driving with power primarily at the front wheels and diverting power to the rear when needed. This isn't the case with Subaru. Instead, symmetrical all-wheel drive sends power to all four wheels simultaneously via a center differential. If one wheel loses grip, more torque can be delivered to another for improved grip.

The benefits of symmetrical all-wheel drive in wagon and SUV models are multifaceted. For one, you'll have better handling on tarmac. Cruise through a wide turn or sharp corner and you'll feel symmetrical all-wheel drive keeping you planted and flat throughout. The system also improves performance in snowy, muddy, or icy road conditions. Finally, symmetrical all-wheel drive can help when your journey takes you off road.

Symmetrical all-wheel drive is standard on the Outback, Forester, and Ascent alike. To test drive any of them, just stop by Troncalli Subaru near Cumming, GA. You'll be able to get in the driver's seat and experience the impressive stability of new Subaru SUVs and wagons for yourself.

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